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In the spring of 1983, John Hatch, founder of Gavilan Tours, was contacted by Dr. Robert Smith for information on the trout of the mountains of Chihuahua. Dr. Smith was working on completing his book about the Native Trout of North America and looking for someone with a knowledge of the fish and streams located in the mountains of Northern Chihuahua, Mexico.
As an avid fisherman and a native of the area, as well as being the son and grandson of men who knew and loved the area, John was the ideal guide. He continues working with a team of fish biologists who are in the process of classifying native species of fish of the Sierra Madre. 
Following the success of that first tour, John Hatch has grown his business based solely on the word of mouth and recommendations of his clients. Today, 30 years and thousands of clients later, John continues to provide his clients with unique and personalized tours of the areas of Northern Mexico.

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